Your Future Is Now! UMCA Launches New Labor Recruitment Campaign 

The UMCA has launched a campaign aimed at attracting experienced skilled workers to member companies. The UMCA is actively contacting plumbers, pipe fitters, HVAC technicians, welders, and all skill trade workers in an effort to decrease manpower pressure on our contractors and Local UA 140. The UMCA, with the support of UA Local 140 leadership, has advertised the incredible benefits and opportunities available through union membership. Some of the highlighted benefits are wage rates, advancement opportunities, health and pension benefits, and positive worksite environments.

The goal is to create a database of skilled labor for UMCA member contractors to recruit from while building their workforce. Prospective employees are being directed to the UMCA website to fill out an online employment application detailing their work experience, skills, and availability. This information will be provided to all UMCA member contractors upon demand. While we may experience a few hurdles as we streamline this process we fully expect this to be a great service to UMCA members.

In the coming weeks, contractor members should expect more information on how to contact additional workers.  For questions or information please contact Robert Bergman at (801)364-7768.

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