Utah Women In Trades Conference Generates High Interest in the Trades

The UMCA, Utah Career Center, and the UA Local 140 recently participated in the first ever Utah Women in Trades Conference held on Monday, April 15, 2019 at the Utah Celebration Center in West Valley Utah. The free career recruitment event organized and executed by the Utah AFL-CIO reached full attendance and featured presentations from leaders in the construction field and keynote talks by women in leadership roles. 

Leadership from the Utah Career Center and the UA Local 140 took a very active role in demonstrating what attendees could expect when starting a career in the pipe trades. While the Utah Career Center walked attendees through the process of the apprenticeship, the UA spoke with attendees about the benefits, wage, and challenges members face. Many of the attendees were also given the opportunity to try their skills at orbital welding using the UA’s welding simulator. The UMCA, representing all UMCA contractors, proudly assisted with a sponsorship.

The event provided trade representatives the opportunity to answer questions attendees had about education cost, working environment, gender equality, harassment procedures and job security.  Overall there was a high level of interest from the attendees in all areas of the trades and we wish all future candidates the best as they make career choices.

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