Utah Career Center: Looking Back At 2018

2018 proved to be an eventful and unconventional year at the Utah Career Center. The year began at full steam with apprentices and instructors fully employed, with many working several hours. While it was hectic, it provided good opportunities for apprentices the gain invaluable training. However, as 2018 progressed life at the training center became increasingly hectic – and not in a good way. Towards the end of summer work began to slow with many apprentices and instructors being laid-off. This unfortunate turn in events not only cause turmoil and tension in our classes with instructors needing to travel and apprentices unable to support their families.

Although the year did not end as positive as it began there were great accomplishments, with 37 apprentices being turned out in May. Additionally 12 apprentices competed for the opportunity to show their skills at the Denver Apprentice Contest as plumbers, HVAC, welders, and pipefitters. Rigging certification for journeymen began in June and it was an outstanding group and class. Finally there was no shortage of opportunities for journeymen to complete continuing education towards their plumbing license, in all their was a total of 18 plumber continuing education classes provided in 2018.

As we look forward to 2019, we see great optimism in the work prospects. We are planning another training for certified riggers. In this certified rigger course, we are planning to also get them the signal person certification. There will be training for orbital welding, tube bending and some other classes to be determined.

One thing that cannot be overstated: without the support and direction of an amazing Board of Directors much of what we do would not be possible. We are optimistic about the future and we look forward to facing 2019, head-on.

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