Utah 2018 Legislative Session Is A Wrap

The Utah State Legislature wrapped the 2018 General Legislative Session on March 8th with no shortage of proposals affecting the construction industry. All told some 950 pieces of legislation proposed this session were closely scrutinized. The most pressing issues for the Utah State Legislature’s 2018 session centered around Education, Transportation, Air Quality, Affordable Housing, Economic Development, and State Tax Reform. In our fiscally conservative and responsible State, the budget is always a major source of wrangling… Utah’s annual budget is 16.5 billion and with the strong economy Utah enjoyed a budget surplus of more than $700 million this year with some “one time” Federal money from the windfall of Federal Tax Reform to the tune of $80 million. The state put some $100 million into the rainy day fund for future reserves and also will pass along a few tax cuts over the next few years, however, there were also several pieces of legislation that will result in tax increases in the next few years. Namely in the property tax arena.

The UMCA was actively engaged this session with 19 pieces of legislation being lobbied or tracked throughout the 45 days. Of the 19 tracked bills, the UMCA supported 11 bills that passed, opposed three bills that failed and remained neutral on four bills with one passing and three  failing. Only one bill opposed was passed. To review a detailed summary and status of these bills please (click here). The UMCA appreciates the efforts and dedication of Rob Jolley & Jodi Hart of RRJ Consulting and John L. Young and Robert Bergman.

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