UMCA Instagram Picture Competition

In partnership with the UA Local 140 and the Utah Career Center, the UMCA has launched an Instagram account and we are holding a photo competition!Winners will receive a $50 cash prize. Outlined below is the topic for the month of July.

July Topic: Work Hard, Play Hard

Slacking off on the job can have some serious consequences, we work in an industry that requires you to show up and be on top of your game EVERYDAY. We only hope you play as hard as you work. Show us how you spend your free time! Submit a picture of yourself on the job and on your next adventure —lakes, mountains, campfires, salt flats, rodeo’s and anything in-between. Use your imagination but remember, SAFETY FIRST! Winners will be announced on our instagram page, @utahtradesprofessionals, with our first winner announced on Monday, July 8th. Submit your photos by tagging @utahtradesprofessionals and use #summerphotocontest 


Photos can be submitted on instagram by tagging @utahtradesprofessionals and using the hashtag #summerphotocontest or online here. We encourage all members participate and post the competition flyer so everyone can participate in the competition. If you have any questions please contact the UMCA office at (801)364-7768 or email

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