UMCA Annual Holiday Dinner Celebrates Renewed Relationship

On Tuesday, December 18 UMCA members gathered at the Salt Lake Country Club to celebrate the year and holiday season. Members enjoyed a festive and cheerful evening highlighted by the Joe Muscolino Music Trio, social drinks, and a buffet dinner. UMCA President, Jason Bleak, welcomed members and recognized the success realized and progress made between UMCA leadership and UA Local 140 leadership in strengthening relations, and the historical Collective Bargaining Agreement reached in July. Additionally, staff from the Utah Career Center were recognized for the commendable work they do in operating and maintaining the Utah Career Center.

 The UMCA would also like to thank the Christiansen Family for permitting the use of the Salt Lake Country Club for this event. Lastly, we thank all attendees and hope you will have a happy and successful New Year.

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