UA Local 140 Women’s Auxiliary Places The Focus on Family

The UA local 140 ladies auxiliary was assembled in 2016 by Cindy Warner after returning home from a UA convention in San Diego. Cindy had the opportunity to meet union wives from across the U.S and had no idea that there were ladies auxiliaries in other locals. After hearing about the success of fellow local chapters she initiated a Women’s Auxiliary for the UA Local 140.

The goal of the Women’s Auxiliary was to create a way for women, who’s husbands are in the trade, to become acquainted with other wives and serve the needs of union families. Additionally, the creation of the Women’s Auxiliary creates a friendly environment and strongly encourages family involvement. While it may have been commonplace for the wives and partners of UA members to feel lost at union gatherings the Women’s Auxiliary makes it possible for the women to build relationships with each other and make union gatherings much more enjoyable for the whole family.

“There are many times at union gatherings that all the guys get together and have a good time. The men know each other from being on jobs together over the years. But while all the guys are laughing having a good time and talking about jobs, etc. our wives are left in the shadows with no one to talk or no familiar faces.” – Jason Warner

The ladies auxiliary conduct their own get togethers that center on having a positive impact on union families and getting to know each other. The ladies auxiliary is completely free to be a part of, it’s non-committal, come and go as you please and help out where you can. They recently started serving dinners before the union meetings and it is turning into a huge success! They do arts and craft nights for moms and children and have done movie nights for the kids. They serve meals to union families in need whether they are sick, injured or have children in the hospital and do hospital and home visits for sick members. During Christmas they put together the giving tree, to help aid union families that have fallen on hard times and assist with presents. Currently their favorite thing to do is the quarterly retiree luncheons that let them know the union still cares for and loves them. They are a non-profit organization with 100% of the donations going back to union members and their families. The Women’s Auxiliary does not receive pay and is ran strictly by volunteers, which are comprised by many loving and caring union wives, partners, and daughters. If you want to be a part of the Ladies Auxiliary or would like to donate time, resources, or money call, text or email Cindy Warner at or 801-419-1258.

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