Spring Education: Foreman Training Set For January

The UMCA Foreman Training course Six Habits of Highly Effective Foreman originally scheduled for January 25 or 26 from 7:00am-3:30pm has been rescheduled to mid-March. Additional details will become available as the class approaches. The Six Habits of Highly Effective Foreman is a custom-tailored, advanced Foreman Training course that has been designed to complement Foreman Training previously taught in Utah. During this course attendees will be introduced to the actions they can take to influence the changes that must be made in your industry if we are to survive and thrive. Each individual’s sphere of influence is discussed and how each foreman can personally influence the local union, those that work for him, and himself to ensure that dramatic improvements are made. This course is using the Covey Seven Habits Model of:

Be proactive
Begin with the end in mind
Put things first
Think win/win
Seek first to understand, then to be understood
Sharpen the saw.

This course has been rescheduled to mid-March if you have any questions please contact Leanna at leanna@umca.com or (801)364-7768.

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