Registration Closing Soon For Mechanical Contracting Managers Piping & Welding Seminar

The Utah Mechanical Contractors Association will start the 2018 Fall Education Series with the seminar, “Piping Codes and Welding for Mechanical Contracting Managers.” The seminar will be held on Thursday, October 11, 2018 from 12PM to 4PM at the Utah Career Center. Registration is now open and will close in one week on Monday, October 8. The class will focus on essential components mechanical contracting managers need to understand when pipe welding. Learn what it takes to guarantee that welds are suitable for service, maintain code standards, and meet service requirements. The subjects covered in this class include:

-relationship of Codes, specifications and quality of workmanship

-the Engineer’s and Contractor’s duties and responsibilities

-the jargon of welding and the selection of the right processes

-qualification of welding procedures and welders

-adopting NCPWB WPSs and using welders qualified under the UA/NCPWB joint program

-dealing with inspections, radiography, and customer’s inspectors.

Lunch will be provided for attendees at this free seminar which is worth 4 Contractor Core CE Hours and 4 Core Plumber CE Hours.  If you have any questions or requests please contact the UMCA office at (801)364-7768 or email

Download PDF Registration Here

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