Register Today For The Last Planner® System Workshop CE Course

Registration for the Last Planner® System CE course is now open. This is a two-day course that will be held at the Utah Career Center on October 23 from 12PM-3:30PM, and October 24 from 7:30AM-11:00AM. Attendees can earn 3.5 Professional CE Hours and 3.5 Core CE Hours towards their plumber and contractor license renewal. Attendees must attend both days to receive full credit for this course. This course is $200 per attendee and contractors may use what remains of their contractors stipend.

This course will feature introductory level information, simulations and hands-on practical training needed to begin implementing the Last Planner® System. 

The Last Planner® System is a unique approach to master planning in a project. 

Using Lean Construction principles “last planners” create a detailed master plan focused on identifying major milestones, helping monitor productivity, pace and progression of a project. The master plan is constructed with both design phase and construction phase “last planners”, creating a realistic timeline that takes into account the areas of a project that can often lead to delays in production. The Last Planner® System promotes collaboration during the design phase and construction phase and includes architectural and engineering project managers, with foreman and superintendents from contractors. This Last Planner® System is designed to address planning mistakes, taking into consideration obstacles that can hinder successful projects.

For additional information on the course please download the course PDF Here.

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