On The Hill: The 2019 Legislative Update You Need To Read

There are 13 days left in the legislative session and the issues are just starting to heat up. Bills that affect UMCA members have taken center stage and the UMCA continue to work hard in the interest of all members.

The UMCA has been working on crafting compromises for two Mechanical Lien issues that would have substantially reduced subcontractors rights. Several pieces of legislation on Apprenticeship have hit the floor in the legislature and lawmakers are showing an interest in promoting the great opportunities that exist for people that want to pursue a career in the trades. Additionally, several bills on licensing have been introduced and are in the interest of reducing the amount of experience required to be a licensed plumber, and reducing testing requirements, among other significant details. The plumbing licensing board will be challenged to develop some recommendation that must be reported to the legislature by October 1st.

Finally, sales tax reform will be on center stage for the next several days and will have a major impact on the construction industry, the UMCA is closely monitoring the progress on potential legislation but may be standing in front of a train.

You can keep track of the status of all bills and potential laws on the UMCA Bill Tracker. If you have any questions please contact the Robert Bergman in UMCA office at (801)364-7768 or email robert@umca.com.

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