Leadership Optimistic On Future Of Labor Relations

UMCA leadership recently met with the leadership of UA Local 140 to address the needs and weaknesses that directly effect the labor/management relationship. C. Richard Barnes of C. Richard Barnes & Associates led the 3-day tailored, skills-based training that incorporated his more that 35 years of experience in mediation, dispute resolution, collective bargaining, and labor/management relations. Attendees worked to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the UMCA and UA Local 140 partnership as well as the opportunities available for growth. There was a renewed energy that centered on repairing labor relations and finding a common goal and that serves both sides. Both sides showed good faith and have made efforts in embracing positive labor relations.


In an effort to display our commitment to a revitalized labor management relationship, UMCA leadership recently attended social events held by UA Local 140, which included a Salt Lake Bee’s Game and The Annual Labor Day Car Show in Magna. UMCA members can also sign up to receive the UA Local 140 newsletter by emailing John Wadlow here. As we look toward the future we are optimistic about building a positive relationship with Union Leadership and continuing on with the success of skills based training led by C. Richard Barnes.

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