Contractor License Renewal Deadline Approaching Quickly

As we move forward with the 2017 Education Series and introduce new seminars being offered this Fall, we want to remind members that 2017 is a contractor license renewal year and the upcoming classes may be the last chance you have to earn continuing education credit. The DOPL requires contractors to have earned 6 hours of continuing education over the past two years, with 3 hours being core content and 3 additional hours of professional or core CE credit. To check the continuing education hours you currently have earned toward license renewal, follow this link to the DOPL website and enter your license number in the right hand column.  Please note that the website may show hours earned up to two years ago, but only credit earned after November 30, 2015 until November 30, 2017 will count toward this renewal cycle.

If you are still in need of additional continuing education hours please visit the UMCA events page here and register for upcoming classes.

If you have any questions or requests please call Leanna at (801)364-7768 or email

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