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UMCA Client Care Seminar Will Focus on Improving Communication Skills

Today is the final day to register for the Seven Deadly Sins to Client Care seminar. Join the UMCA at the Utah Career Center on Thursday, April 5 from 8:00AM-3:30PM for a course that will teach you how to communicate with your clients. Seven Deadly Sins to Client Care, presented by Lisa Austin will explore […]

If You’re Not Outside Your Comfort Zone, You Won’t Learn Anything

You need to speak in public, but your knees buckle even before you reach the podium. You want to expand your network, but you’d rather swallow nails than make small talk with strangers. Speaking up in meetings would further your reputation at work, but you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing. Situations like these — […]

Utah 2018 Legislative Session Is A Wrap

The Utah State Legislature wrapped the 2018 General Legislative Session on March 8th with no shortage of proposals affecting the construction industry. All told some 950 pieces of legislation proposed this session were closely scrutinized. The most pressing issues for the Utah State Legislature’s 2018 session centered around Education, Transportation, Air Quality, Affordable Housing, Economic […]

Utah Career Center News: Apprenticeship Interviews, Upcoming Contest & New Classes

The Utah Career Center will be hosting a series of professional development courses. The UCC will host an EPRI Certified Riggers Class on April 30th. A pre-test is required for those who want to attend the class, any interested parties should contact the Utah Career Center. Additionally, the Utah Career Center will host continuing education […]

Register Today For April CE Course: Seven Deadly Sins to Client Care

Registration is now open for the UMCA April CE class, Seven Deadly Sins to Client Care, with Lisa Austin. Join us on Thursday, April 5, 2018 at the Utah Career Center from 8AM-3:30PM for a uniquely service oriented class. Communication skills are a necessary tool that can often be overlooked. The ability to communicate effectively […]

UMCA March Foreman Training Quickly Approaching

Join us on March 15 or 16, 2018 at the Utah Career Center from 7:00am – 3:30pm for The Six Habits of The Highly Effective Foreman. This is a custom-tailored, advanced Foreman Training course that has been designed to complement Foreman Training previously taught in Utah. During this course attendees will be introduced to the […]

2018 Legislative Session Winding Down

The 2018 legislative session has hit its final sprint and will adjourn exactly one week from today at midnight on March 8th. It has been a “spectator” session with a little scandal and intrigue with no shortage of controversy over the issues. The most pressing issues for the Utah State Legislature’s 2018 session centered around […]

Upcoming Courses and Deadlines at the Utah Career Center

The Utah Career Center is now accepting applications for qualified apprentices until Friday, March 23, 2018.  Applicants can pick up and return applications to the Utah Career Center located at 640 North Billy Mitchell Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84116. Interviews will be held in the Spring while school will begin in the Fall. If you […]

Labor and Management Leadership Continue Training

Leaders of both labor and management met in early February for a continuation of leadership training facilitated by Richard Barnes. The UMCA leadership met with some of the newest leaders of the UA Local 140 to identify the problems in the relationship and work toward creating a positive change for both labor and management. Attendees […]

How to Listen When Your Communication Styles Don’t Match

Why do people who consider themselves good communicators often fail to actually hear each other? Often it’s due to a mismatch of styles: To someone who prefers to vent, someone who prefers to explain seems patronizing; explainers experience venters as volatile. This is why so many of us see our conversational counterparts as lecturing, belaboring, […]

UMCA Annual Business Meeting Sets The Tone For 2018

UMCA members met on Thursday, January 18th at the Grand America for the 2018 UMCA Annual Business Meeting. Contractor members gathered from 2:30PM – 4:00PM to discuss the most pressing issues facing Utah Contractors. UMCA President, Jason Bleak, called the meeting to order and began with a President’s Report outlining the progress made with a […]