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Registration Closing Soon For The UMCA 2018 Annual Holiday Celebration

Join UMCA members on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at the Salt Lake Country Club for an evening of celebration. Festivities begin at 6:30PM with a cocktail hour featuring appetizers, beverages and entertainment by the Joe Muscolino Band. At 7:30PM attendees will make their way to the dining hall for a memorable holiday feast.  The dress […]

Annual Business Meeting Registration Now Open

Registration for the UMCA Annual Business Meeting is now available online! Plan to join UMCA members at the Annual Business meeting on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at The Grand America Hotel. The meeting begins at 1:30PM with a review of the year and discussion regarding the most pressing issues facing Utah Contractors. In 2018 we […]

Annual Membership Packet Mailed To Members

The UMCA recently mailed out invoices to all Associate and Affiliate Members for 2019 association membership. Members can also find a registration form for the upcoming Holiday Celebration as well as a reminder for the 2019 Annual Business Meeting. The UMCA will also be emailing an electronic copy of the invoice to members in mid-December. […]

6 Ways to Prepare Your Organization for Change

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is among those who believe the coming business transformation will be on a par with the vast changes brought about by the steam engine, electric power, and the introduction of computing. Schwab identifies several ways businesses will need to change to survive in this […]

Annual Holiday Celebration Registration Now Open

Join UMCA members for the 2018 Annual Holiday Celebration! Celebrate the season with us as we host the 2018 Annual Holiday Party at The Salt Lake Country Club on Tuesday, December 18, 2018. Festivities begin at 6:30PM with a cocktail hour, at this time members are invited to socialize and enjoy their favorite holiday beverages […]

Utah Career Center Offering Continuing Education and Certification Courses

The Utah Career Center has a lineup of Continuing Education and Certification classes schedule to end to year! They will be offering Plumbing Continuing Education Classes on November 3 & 10 from 7AM-1:30PM. All continuing education courses offered through the Utah Career Center will be a review of the International Plumbing Code and Updates. This […]

Registration Closing Soon For Mechanical Contracting Managers Piping & Welding Seminar

The Utah Mechanical Contractors Association will start the 2018 Fall Education Series with the seminar, “Piping Codes and Welding for Mechanical Contracting Managers.” The seminar will be held on Thursday, October 11, 2018 from 12PM to 4PM at the Utah Career Center. Registration is now open and will close in one week on Monday, October […]

UMCA 2018 Trap Shoot Has Record Turnout

UMCA members gathered for the 2018 Annual Trap Shoot on Thursday, September 27. It was another successful year with over 200 registered shooters taking to the range and showing their skills.  Attendees were served a steak dinner and several attendees were awarded door prizes provided by UMCA member companies. Teams battled it out late into […]

Utah Career Center Now Offering Forklift and Personnel Lift Trainings

The Utah Career Center will be offering Plumbing Continuing Education Classes on October 9, 11, and 16 from 5PM-9PM. There will also be classes offered in the daytime on November 3 & 10 from 7AM-1:30PM.  Both class series will be held at the Utah Career Center. All continuing education courses offered through the Utah Career […]

How to Create A Positive Workplace Culture

Culture is the environment that surrounds us all the time. A workplace culture is the shared values, belief systems, attitudes and the set of assumptions that people in a workplace share. This is shaped by individual upbringing, social and cultural context. In a workplace, however, the leadership and the strategic organizational directions and management influence […]