Congratulations on taking the first step towards a brighter more secure future with respected and leading Mechanical Contractors. The UMCA is a non-profit trade association with 69 years of experience representing leading mechanical contractors.


  • All union members currently earn $32.85/hr with a guaranteed raise of $.90 starting August 1, 2017.
  • The hourly wage will increase to $33.75 starting August 1, 2017.
  • The wage does not decrease if there were to be a turn in the market.
  • The wage is negotiated by union leadership with the input of the membership.
  • Download the Mechanical Construction Agreement Here

  • Working for one of our employers you will never have to worry about using your own power tools.
  • Never haul materials in your personal vehicle again.
  • Materials are delivered to the jobsite

  • Our contracts understand and encourage growth with optional trainings that are meant to refine and advance your skills.
  • Our contractors value hard work and recognize that your a professional.
  • Gain access to free career trainings that can earn you continuing education credit towards your plumbing license.
Leading Mechanical Contractors

  • Work on challenging and high profile projects.
  • Our members are constantly looking toward the future and staying ahead of the competition.
  • With each job opportunity there is a possibility for advancement based on your work ethic and dedication to the trade.

As a member of UA Local 140 you are taken care of with a comprehensive health plan that is ACA compliant. The pension plan is excellent and gives you the opportunity to have an above average retirement savings.

  • The Plumbers & Pipefitters National Pension Fund was established in 1968, and has grown to include over 155,000 employed and retired members.
  • Vested benefits are provided after only 10 years of vested service.
  • The comprehensive health plan provided is available to all members after 300 hours of work and can be used after completing the requirement for entry into the Union.
  • Benefits are provided    
 Membership In The Union
  • Rest easy knowing that you are always taken care of. All job opportunities are offered via UA Local 140. Contractors request workers to be dispatched to the work site and the hall sends any available workers to fulfill request.
  • You can expect to work for each employer until the project is done or until you have completed your work, after which you may be added to a list at the union hall in where you may be called upon to work at another member contractor.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What costs are associated with this employment referral?
    A: Absolutely nothing. The UMCA is not an employment or temp. agency. Our interest is attracting the best skilled labor for our member companies for long-term employment.

    Q: When will I be contacted with opportunities for work?
    A: Once we receive your application it will be reviewed by over 37 employers.  Based on each employer’s manning schedules, you may be contacted as soon as within a couple days but it could take longer.

    Q: How long will I need to work for you before I am eligible for health benefits?
    A: You need to work 300 hours before you and/or your family will receive health coverage.

    Q: Will I need to become a member of the Union (UA Local 140) to work for a UMCA contractor?
    A: No. Utah is a “Right To Work” state so while its not a requirement, we highly encourage it. Furthermore, to be qualified to take advantage of the entire benefit package and the financial security the union offers, you will need to become a member in good standing.

    Q: What are the benefits and advantages of union membership?
    A: While there are numerous benefits some of the main ones are:

      • Full family health insurance
      • Two different pension/retirement accounts (each of which follow you seamlessly regardless of your employer)
      • Easy employment referrals
      • Large employment pool of leading contractors
      • Steady wage and benefit package
      • Long term financial security
      • Representation in contract negotiations

    Q: How much are UA Local 140 dues?
    A: The dues are a $105 per month for a journeyman (less for apprentices.) Broken out, that’s less than $3.00 per hour and will provide far more than their cost in value over the life of your membership.

    Q: Will I be required to pass an entrance exam to join or become employed?
    A: Yes, but not immediately. Sometime within the first 60 to 90 days of your employment we will give you a skill assessment test to ensure that you are properly placed and not over/under employed. If the assessment test shows additional training is needed we will determine if it can be provided via journeyman training while still being employed as a journeyman. If it is determined that you should be classified as an apprentice, we will use the skills assessment results and your employer’s recommendation to determine which “step” of our apprenticeship program will best fit your skill level.

    Q: Will I be required to undergo a background check?
    A: Not all employers do a background check, but  in some cases our customers require it.

    Q: Is there a drug and alcohol policy that I will be required to adhere to?
    A: The UMCA works closely with member contractors to ensure safety at all job sites. The UMCA & UA Local 140’s Drug Free Workplace Program ensures all employees of member companies are held to the same standard.  To learn more about our Drug Free Workplace Program and view our Policies and Procedures, click here.

    Q: How many years do I need to work to be eligible for retirement?
    A: You will need 10 years of vested employment to be eligible to receive retirement benefits.

    Q: Does my wage rate stay the same for each employer that I may work for, or will it vary with each employer?
    A: The wage and benefits stay the same and do not vary by employer

    Q: Do I get health insurance when I retire?
    A: You are eligible to stay on the health plan at a reduced rate when you retire.


    To fill out an application please follow the link below.