Best Practices Of The Best Contractors Seminar A Success

Members met on Thursday, May 25th for a full day of learning and conversation at the Utah Career Center. Tom Williams MCAA-NEI, led a class focused on leadership and increasing the value and productivity of a contractor. Tom used John Wooden’s book “Wooden On Leadership” to share with attendees changes that can be made to make them one the best in their field.

Attendees were tasked with finding what they thought were the best practices of the best contractors with the following making the list:

  1. Effective communication.
  2. Ability to update, change, and adapt.
  3. Keep Customers by putting them first.
  4. Pre-Planning.
  5. Job & Cost Tracking.
  6. Continuing Education leading to high quality, well trained employees.
  7. Investing in cutting edge (not bleeding edge) technology that has been proven to produce results.
  8. Grow and Diversify Business.
  9. Establishing and Executing a Proven Process.
  10. Well Organized.
  11. Leadership had a vision and is focused on the big picture.
  12. Lead with emotional intelligence.

Some of the best practices of the best contractors Tom introduced included:

  • Having competitive market pricing on bid day that can be reliable used.
  • Using modular/assembly based methods for estimating and budgeting.
  • Ranking your customers annually.
  • Knowing your markets and strengths.

Some additional the highlights included:

  • Understanding the dynamics of the relationship between project managers, general contractors, and foreman.
  • Communication and the chain of communication from the job site to the customer.
  • Rewards and Discipline based on performance.

Members who attended were also able to meet briefly with Tom for a consultation after the seminar. Overall attendees felt that the information provided was something that could be implemented immediately to improve the way they operate. This class concludes the spring education series and we hope to see many more faces this fall. Fall class dates and topics will be released in the future so be sure to check back monthly.

Download Best Practices Of The Best Contractors Powerpoint Here

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