A Guide To Pre-Construction Planning: MCAA Resources Available

The success of a project hinges heavily on the steps you take before you ever set foot on the job site. Pre-planning and scheduling are essential to the profitability and overall success of a project. The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) has recently released a complete pre-planning guide titled, MCAA’s Planning for Profitability: Your Guide to Successful Preconstruction Planning. The 19 phases of planning will add structure and give your team a transparent and targeted goal. The guide is aimed at increasing profit through a detailed and workable plan that acknowledges the challenges and outline solutions before they become a problem.

The main objectives of the planning guide are:

  1. Enhance visibility at the project outset: Project managers and key support should know and understand project goals.
  2. Encourage maximum knowledge of the project: Analyze the schedule, scope of work, and individual responsibilities of various project players.
  3. Improve cash flow: Having a billing plan, change order plan, risk avoidance plan, and claim avoidance plan.
  4. Create an environment of intense activity: Hold each team member accountable for completing commitments on time and as agreed.
  5. Increase jobsite productivity: Through improved communication on all levels, productivity will improve and become consistent.
  6. Use the company’s combined knowledge, insight, and experience: Use of the knowledge of project management team (field foreman, project managers, specialized skills) will enhance project goals.
  7. Achieve complete buy-in from the project team.

MCAA provides resources to members that are proven to help contractors improve their bottom line and the industry. This plan should become a central piece of project managements planning and execution.

Click Here To Download Your Guide To Successful Pre-Construction Planning

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