2017 In Review: Meeting Our Mission

As we endeavor into 2018 we want to look back on our accomplishments, goals, and progress in meeting our mission and being accountable to our members in 2017. The Mission of the UMCA is to:

  • act as the collective voice of the industry
  • represent contractors in labor relations/collective bargaining
  • provide education to contractors and their employees
  • monitor legislation and promote the interests of contractors and the industry with various government entities
  • encourage contractors to work together through participation in the association to address industry issues
  • act as a gateway to the national association

The UMCA’s main focuses during 2017 were on establishing a healthy relationship with labor, representing contractor members during the Utah Legislative Session, and increasing membership involvement in association activities.

In 2017 the leaders of the UMCA spent 40 hours in an intensive program, led by an experienced outside facilitator, geared toward repairing and creating a mutually beneficial partnership between labor and management.  The Utah State Legislature wrapped the 2017 General Legislative Session on March 9th with no shortage of proposals effecting the construction industry. Of the 18 proposed bills, the UMCA supported nine that passed, opposed two that failed and remained neutral on seven with four passing and three failing. Membership involvement in networking events increased by 14% with a record number of members attending the 2017 Annual Trap Shoot. Members were also given the opportunity to attend continuing education classes with 35 hours of instruction being offered individually to each member.

As we actively work toward fulfilling our mission we welcome suggestions on how we can improve and better serve the membership. We hope that members will reach out to association leadership with recommendations and concerns.  We thank you for your membership and look forward to continued success in 2018.

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