2014 Calendar

Please mark your calendars for these must-attend events!    

  • UMCA Annual Trap Shoot
    September 25, 2014

    Salt Lake Gun Club
    Registration Deadline:
    September 15, 2014
    Register Online Here
    Download Paper Registration Form Here

  • BIM Seminar by Brett Endres, MCAA-NEI
    October 1, 2014

    Utah Career Center
    Registration Deadline:
    September 23, 2014

  • UMCA Annual Holiday Celebration
    Date TBD
    Time TBD
    Location TBD



The most important education topic to focus on for the Mechanical Contracting Industry is:

UMCA Associates

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UMCA-Local 140 Contract Negotiations Update

The bargaining committees for both the Construction Agreement and the HVACR Schedule A are still engaged in contract negotiations with Local 140 and the current agreement has been extended one week to allow both committees to continue discussions and reach a final resolution. Overall, the negotiations process has been very positive and both sides are working very hard to hammer out an agreement at home without the assistance of the Industrial Relations Council (IRC). The communication and cooperation between the committees has been very positive and some progress will be realized in the next contract. Should the parties reach an impasse next week the remaining issues will be submitted to the IRC for resolution. Currently, the IRC is scheduled to meet August 25-26 and a final decision will be reached immediately following the hearing.


UMCA Trap Shoot Registration Open

Registration for the 2014 UMCA Annual Trap Shoot is now open!  The event will take place on Thursday, September 25th at 4:00 PM at the Great Salt Lake Gun Club.  Registration costs $55 per person and includes two rounds of 25 each from the 16 yard, entrance into the prize drawing, dinner and an event t-shirt.  A sponsorship opportunity is also available as either a $250 silver sponsor or a $500 gold sponsor.  Sponsor’s logos will appear on the back of the official trap shoot t-shirt.  The deadline to register to become a sponsor is Friday, September 5th due to lead time needed for t-shirt printing.  The deadline to register to participate in the event is Monday, September 15th.  To register online, click here or download the paper registration form here.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Responses Needed in UMCA Contractor Membership Survey

The UMCA Board of Directors will be holding their Annual Board Retreat Planning Meeting in August.  At the meeting, the board takes the opportunity to get a head start on planning for 2015 as well as looking for ways to improve the association overall.  As such, the UMCA has issued a short, 11-question survey to its contractor members to help gather input as the board begins planning for next year.  If you are contractor member and have not already taken this survey, please take a brief moment to take the survey by clicking here.  


Utah Career Center News: Class Evaluators Needed and Apprentice Evaluations Due This Month

The Utah Career Center (UCC) has issued Apprentice Evaluations.  Contractors are encouraged to complete these evaluations and to include very honest and open feedback about their apprentices so that the UCC can attempt to improve areas in which the apprentices are lacking.  The apprentice evaluations are due back to the UCC by August 31st and can be submitted via mail to 640 N. Billy Mitchell Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84116, fax to 801-295-5864 or email to will@ucctrades.com

Additionally, the UCC is looking for Classroom Evaluators for the Fall Semester.  Evaluators would need to be available to evaluate one class two times during the semester.  There will be a training held for evaluators to help them know what to look for as they critique the classes.  If you are interested in serving as an evaluator for the Fall Semester, please contact Will Nickell at 801-295-6198 or will@ucctrades.com


Support UA Local 140 Bees Game Night August 9th

UA Local 140’s “Utah Unions and You Night” at the Salt Lake Bee’s Game is coming up quickly and will be held on Saturday, August 9th.  The game against the El Paso Chihuahuas will begin at 6:35pm and will feature fireworks after the game.  Tickets can be purchased for $15 which includes admission to the game, a food voucher and a $0.25 donation to the Utah Food Bank.  For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact Bob Patterson at 801-972-3053 or rpatterson@ua140.com.  The event flyer can be downloaded here


National News

Be a Leader in Your Industry: Help Others by John Hall, forbes.com

Think about the qualities that define industry leaders. They are knowledgeable, well-connected, credible, and amiable — among other things. And, because of these traits, they’re always in a position to help others in the industry. (Whether they actually do or not is another story.)

It’s this potential to help that contributes to a leader’s authority and credibility, and it results in something else: Helping others can allow you to differentiate yourself and naturally attract people to your brand in a meaningful way.

Three Benefits of Helping Others

By simply sharing your knowledge and resources, you stand to gain three benefits — benefits that will position you as an industry leader while also ensuring the longevity of your business.

1. Create Brand Advocates

You can garner valuable brand advocates by simply providing help where help is needed. We recently took this concept to heart and hired someone who is solely responsible for helping our partners. Whether it’s providing a press opportunity, a referral, or simply valuable information, it’s that person’s job to find opportunities to help someone out.

As a result of simply helping our partners, we’ve gained a community of brand advocates who consistently refer potential clients our way, bringing us valuable opportunities.

2. Decrease Barriers

When you make the effort to help someone, you are given the opportunity to form a meaningful relationship, rather than a purely transactional one.

Take my relationship with Scott Gerber, “super connector” and founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council. When we met two years ago, we could have rushed into a strictly business relationship, which wouldn’t have lasted long. Instead, Scott and I have made a meaningful connection over the past two years by giving each other feedback on projects and providing introductions. As an added benefit, we were recently able to make a seamless transactional deal because of the trust previously established between the two of us.

It’s relationships like this — larger, meaningful partnerships — that will differentiate you from competitors and provide you with the credibility to make similarly valuable connections in the future.

3. Encourage Employees to Do the Same

By helping others, you’re setting an example for your employees to do the same. This means employees will be more likely to go out of their way to help clients, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Consider the debt collection agency CFS2, for example. It has a simple strategy: help the people they collect from pay their debts. By helping people create résumés, coaching them through difficult times, and providing other resources, CFS2 is outperforming competitors by 200 percent. This strategy is great not only because it reflects the company’s goodwill, but by sharing its knowledge and resources with others, CFS2 positions itself as an expert in personal finances. If your brand can garner a reputation based on both amiability and expertise, you’ll have more than just a profitable business.

Five Ways to Help

Obviously, there are many ways to help your business partners and industry connections. If you’re looking for inspiration, below are five ways to showcase your expertise and networking abilities through helping others.

1. Recognize them. When you have the opportunity to recognize someone, take it. This can mean mentioning a partner’s good work in a thought leadership article or talking about a company at an industry conference.

2. Bring business their way. If someone asks you to suggest a particular product or service, give a potential lead or business partner an introduction. It takes about five minutes to look up LinkedIn connections, and the person you recommend just might return the favor.

3. Volunteer your time. Even the busiest people can make the time to help others out. Gary Vaynerchuk recently offered to help up-and-coming bloggers by doing an interview for their sites. Even if you aren’t as well-known as Gary, keep track of the people you can help and reach out to them.

4. Share knowledge. This is the easiest way to help if you lack a personal brand. Recognize some common problems people are having, and find a way to connect the dots for them. For example, a lot of people have told me they have trouble connecting APIs and Web services. Because I simply know about Zapier and its services, I’ve been able to introduce people to a product that saves them both time and money.

5. Give feedback.
Too often, people tell their peers what they want to hear rather than actually giving valuable, constructive feedback that could help them. If you provide feedback that could potentially improve a person’s business, that person will look to you in the future.

In a sea of aspiring industry leaders looking for quick transactions and easy credibility, it’s no wonder that business leaders can stand tall above the rest through the simple act of helping others. By helping your partners, potential business leads, or other industry connections, you not only win their gratitude, but you’ve positioned yourself as a person with knowledge, resources, and credibility — the makings of an industry leader.