2014 Calendar

Please mark your calendars for these must-attend events!    

  • Risk Mitigation/OCIP & CCIP Seminar by Ryan Stringham
    April 24, 2014

    Utah Career Center
    Registration Deadline:
    April 16, 2014
    Register Online Here
    Download Registration Form Here
  • UMCA Annual Golf Tournament
    June 27, 2014
    8:00am Shotgun Start

    Park City Golf Club
    Registration Deadline:
    June 16, 2014
  • UMCA Annual Trap Shoot
    September 25, 2014

    Salt Lake Gun Club
    Registration Deadline:
    September 17, 2014
  • BIM Seminar by Pete Mckenzie, MCAA-NEI
    October 1, 2014

    Utah Career Center
    Registration Deadline:
    September 23, 2014

  • UMCA Annual Holiday Celebration
    Date TBD
    Time TBD
    Location TBD



The most important education topic to focus on for the Mechanical Contracting Industry is:

UMCA Associates

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UMCA and Local 140 Labor Negotiations Around the Corner

The UMCA anticipates that the 2014 negotiations should be one of the more innovative sessions that the UMCA has seen in many years.  However, in order to take care of the needs of our members in this year’s negotiations, we need to hear from you about some of the issues you are seeing or things you feel need to be changed in the current collective bargaining agreement.  Please contact Robert Bergman at the UMCA Office to provide your input.


Do You Have Your "Ass...ets" Covered?

Make sure you have the necessary coverages and insurances to protect your investments.  The UMCA will host it’s last Spring Education Seminar entitled “Risk Mitigation/OCIP & CCIP Seminar” taught by Ryan Stringham of The Buckner Company and Gregg Eldridge of CNA Insurance Company.  This course will provide a comprehensive overview of ways to limit risk through proper insurance, risk management, and safety.  The speakers will also cover insurances that are often overlooked by contractors which result in losses and what types of commercial insurance including coverages are applicable to Mechanical Contractors.  Crane Rigging Safety will be presented along with the OSHA Requirements for Crane & Rigging Safety.  Additionally, a conversation will be had about OCIPs and CCIPs including the advantages and disadvantages for contractors.  The speakers will cover what contractors should be aware of when enrolling in a OCIP or CCIP.  The seminar will be held on Thursday, April 24, 2014 from 12:00pm-2:00pm at the Utah Career Center.  Attendance at the seminar is free to all UMCA members and lunch will be served at the event.  The deadline to register is April 16, 2014.  Register online by clicking here or click here to download the registration form.  


Utah Career Center News, Moves, & Training Opportunities

Dan Smith, Director of Training at the Utah Career Center has announced his retirement effective May 1st. Dan started as the Assistant Coordinator in 1994 and became the Director of Training in 2006 and has been with the Career Center for 20 years. Through the years Dan has played a key role in the progress and development of the mechanical contracting industry. The UMCA is very grateful for Dan’s commitment and wishes him the very best in his well deserved retirement.

With Dan’s retirement the Board of Trustees have promoted Will Nickel to the Director of Training position. Will has brought a lot of energy to the Utah Career Center and has been developing his plan to lead our industry into the future. Mike Beckstead has been hired as the new Assistant Director.  Mike has been one of our leading instructors and is well suited for the position.

The Utah Career Center Joint Apprenticeship Committee will be interviewing new apprentice applicants April 21-22. Presently we have seventeen new construction apprentices, and two new HVAC apprentices. The Board of Trustees would still like to take several more apprentices this year so that a full class for both Construction and HVAC could be started in the Fall. Employers are encouraged to send a letter of recommendation for any of their metal trades employees who are applying.

With the apprentices’ school year wrapping up at the end of this month there will be several journeyman training courses offered over the next few months. Please note, the Career Center will be offering; Certified Signal Person & Certified Rigger Courses, Orbital Welding Training, Medical Gas Piping Certification and others based on request. Please inform and encourage your journeyman to take advantage of these great opportunities. Those interested in the training should contact Will Nickel for more information at will@ucctrades.com or 801-295-6198.


Utah 2014 Legislative Session Ends in a Fury

The 2014 Legislative Session was a wrap at midnight on March 13th, and while the legislature might have passed a record number of bills late in the session it failed to take action on a number of key issues most important to those of us living in the Beehive State. While Utah does a very respectable job in terms of economic development, issues such as air quality and education will play a key role in the coming years and failure to proactively address these issues will have an negative impact on our states future success. 

Now, stepping off the soapbox and as to the issues affecting the constructing industry, here you will find a summary of the issues as prepared by John L. Young, Young Hoffman. All in all the UMCA faired relatively well and managed to amend a number of bills for our industry's protection and only suffered a couple of disappointments. The UMCA is grateful for the hard work and support of Rob Jolley & Jodi Hart of RRJ Consulting and John Young of Young Hoffman for their work and help in protecting the interests of UMCA members.


MCAA Conducts Best Practices Review for UMCA Chapter

The UMCA recently elected to go through the MCAA BPR audit.  MCAA Audits the association's performance in different areas such a Governance Documents, Association Finances, Board/Executive Vice President Relations, Marketing/Communications, Member Services, Service and Maintenance, Labor Relations, Advocacy/Government Relations, and Technology. Bob Bergman, along with a handful of other executives, received the Executive Leadership Initiative Accreditation on behalf of their respective associations at the recent MCAA Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Association received high marks in the member services, technology, and the marketing/communication areas and was given a number of suggestions of areas of improvement including updating the by-laws and taking further steps to secure the association’s finances.  The UMCA Office and Board of Directors will be drafting some amendments to the by-laws in the coming months which will be up for association vote at this fall’s Annual Meeting. 


Start Your Spring Training for UMCA Golf Tournament

Now that Spring is here, it is time to hit the driving ranges and practice up for the UMCA Golf Tournament!  Building on the success of last year's tournament, we will be returning to the Park City Golf Club for this year’s event.  The tournament will be held on Friday, June 28, 2014 and will kick-off at 8:00am with a Shotgun Start.  Lunch and an awards ceremony will be held after the tournament at the Hotel Park City.  Registration is not yet open, but will be made available within the month. 


National News

Leadership: How to Get From Good to Great, by Peter Economy, Inc.com

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Great leadership requires effort--lots of effort. And much of that effort revolves around learning: about your people, your operations, your industry, and yourself. Be relentless in your pursuit of knowledge about everything--and everyone--in your business ecosystem.

Develop a clear vision for what your business is all about, and don't lose faith in it. Know in your heart that you and your team can accomplish anything you set out to accomplish if you work together and believe in one another. You will undoubtedly encounter setbacks, but don’t be deterred. Learn from failure and remain confident.

Great leaders communicate sincerely, often, and in many different ways to everyone in their organizations. They inform, provide feedback, and motivate--intelligently and honestly. Connect with all your people and cultivate multiple channels for two-way. When you hear your own words and messages repeated back to you from your employees, or when your employees talk among themselves using your words to describe your vision and goals, then you know you’re making an impact.

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Highly effective leaders are decisive when called upon to make tough calls quickly and confidently. Take a moment to assess a difficult situation and then calmly and rationally consider your options. As soon as you have the information you need to make an informed decision, make it. Don't let fear of being wrong prevent you from making what you know is the right call.

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